Ben is a Commercial Airline pilot with Southwest Airlines and has been flying for over 29 years. Ben is also a LIFE-Leadership business owner, entrepreneur, blog author, Realtor, educator, coach, mentor and Founder / Owner of the THE LEADERSHIP LANDING.  

At age 9, Ben knew he wanted to fly airplanes. After his first flight in a light twin engine airplane, he was hooked. From that day forward, Ben set his sights on a career in aviation and was determined to become an airline pilot. 

After working for many years “paying his dues”, Ben landed his dream job of flying for a Major Airline in 1999. 

In 2008,  Ben was introduced to a Leadership/personal development training organization, LIFE Leadership.  For the past several years, Ben has received a significant level of leadership and personal development education from one of the leading Leadership service providers in the world today. 

Today, in addition to a successful airline career, Ben has an accomplished Blog and Leadership website. He has combined the principles and practices of leadership utilized in the airline world.

Ben’s mission to make a difference in the lives of others by helping those who are looking to succeed in their personal or professional lives.