Ben is a Commercial Airline pilot with Southwest Airlines and has been flying for over 26 years. Ben is also a LIFE-Leadership business owner, entrepreneur, blog author, educator, coach, mentor and Founder / Owner of the THE LEADERSHIP LANDING.

At age 9, Ben knew he wanted to fly airplanes. After his first flight in a light twin engine airplane, he was hooked on flying. From that day forward, Ben set his sights on a career in aviation and was determined to become an airline pilot.  With a razor sharp focus and some great mentors to guide him along the way, Ben set his goals and worked hard towards his dream.

Ben attended Aviation High School, a specialized technical Aircraft Mechanics school in NY, and continued on to college and earned a Bachelors of Science in Aviation Management. In addition to formal academics, Ben obtained all his flight licenses and training at a flight school in Florida, where shortly after, he became a flight instructor, Ground School & Flight Simulator instructor.

After working for many years “paying his dues”, Ben landed his dream job of flying for a Major Airline in 1999. His many accolades in aviation include Flight Instructor, Ground School and Simulator instructor, Captain, Check-Airman, Initial Operating Experience (IOE) Instructor, Interview Preparation coach, Crew Resource Management (CRM) Instructor and Assistant Flight Standards Manager.

In 2008,  Ben was introduced to a Leadership/personal development training organization, LIFE Leadership.  For the past several years, Ben has received a significant level of leadership and personal development education from one of the leading Leadership service providers in the world today.

Today, in addition to a successful airline career, Ben has an accomplished Blog and Leadership website. He has combined the principles and practices of leadership utilized in the airline cockpit, along with the training and education from LIFE Leadership, to provide a unique level of leadership education, personal and professional development, that can benefit everyone.  Ben’s mission to make a difference in the lives of others by helping those who are looking to succeed in their personal or professional lives.