Last year we purchased a new home in Orlando and managed to find an amazing Contractor that I have to give kudos to and edify.  His name is Greg Harding and has been working with us since May.

I will keep this short and simple.  This gentleman has become one of our most trusted friends and I cannot say enough great things about Greg’s work.  His tireless effort and energy towards helping us with our renovation project, allowed us to complete all of our tasks in a timely manner and our place looks amazing thanks to him.

Here is his website below…He has displayed several of his projects on there. Anyone needing a contractor or Handyman in the Orlando area should not hesitate to call Greg.  He can do just about anything.  He can do the smallest job up to flipping entire homes, repair, replace, renovate and design anything.  He is innovative, experienced, has a great attitude and takes great pride in his work.  Most importantly, he is a leader, a man of character and integrity and someone we can trust. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and Ill give you an earful!