Customer loyalty in the digital age has become an increasingly difficult challenge for education- and information-based companies. With so much competition in the marketplace–and the internet changing the game by offering limitless but non-credible content for free–it is essential for a company to find ways to boost customer loyalty while also keeping their integrity in tact. Not surprisingly, the Founders of Life Leadership were fully prepared to launch an online company that could win this battle when they built a community around their products, and offered an opportunity to monetize the information and education that was being sold to members and customers.LLR_logo1


Currently Life Leadership has created programs and educational packs that teach about finances, parenting, people skills, freedom, marriage, business and leadership, with the top-selling products being the Financial Fitness Program, Mental Fitness Challenge, Rascal Radio and the 3 courses of the LLR Corporate Education Program. These are all in addition to the hundreds of books and thousands of educational audios being sold–all specifically designed to help members and customers achieve positive results and changes in their lives, both personally and professionally. What is even more impressive is that Life Leadership products contain the highest value of information for the lowest cost in the market. That is why Life Member, Leslie Gebhart, decided to reach out to the President and CEO of Atlantic General Hospital. She states:

“Having many friends, and even family, that worked for the hospital as well as knowing Michael Franklin and his family personally, I felt it was imperative to protect/preserve the culture and atmosphere of a friendly local hospital in the midst of a rapidly changing corporate environment. I believe AGH is such a community focused facility and wanted to do whatever I could to keep the culture of cooperation with administration and staff working together to serve rather than fall into typical corporate dissension due to fast growth. They play a vital role in many lives in our area, and I knew the LLR Corporate Education System would make a big difference in the experience of both employees and patients.” Leslie Gebhart (Life Member)

CEO of Atlantic General Hospital (AGH), Michael Franklin, verified this statement when he made the decision to purchase 50 of the 6-month program, Course 1, of the LLR Corporate Education curriculum for his department leaders. Typically, companies spend 100’s of thousands of dollars to educate their employees in large conference settings that offer little support for continuous development. But Life Leadership products were created so that learners can develop consistently over a period of time, thus creating a habit out of learning–but at a 10th of the cost. With a vision and mission to be the leaders in quality and coordinated healthcare, Mr. Franklin knew that this program was critical in the long-term professional development of his leaders.

“The LLR Corporate Education curriculum gives me the tools to ensure leaders are prepared to serve and are inspired to lead through chaos.” –Michael A. Franklin (Hospital President and CEO)

Read his complete statement below:

Quote by CEO Michael Franklin of Atlantic General Hospital on the back of the box of the LLR Corporate Program.

The response has been remarkable from the employees that are using the program. In fact, in a survey that was done upon completion of Course 1, the participants all agreed that, “the Launching a Leadership Revolution program has helped to improve my leadership skills and be more effective in my leadership role at AGH/AS.” -Leadership Learning Survey

Here are some of the comments from participants of AGH who completed the survey:

Course 1 of the LLR program:

  •  …taught me to be more positive and persevere through difficulties and look for the good in my day.
  • …helped me recognize different personalities and how to approach others for problem-solving.
  • …to handle conflict resolution and recognize the differences in people and how to approach them. 
  • …to complete tasks, delegate tasks and have a more positive attitude. 
  • …to become a better listener, read more and learn how to trust my colleagues more. 

Because of the positive feedback from Course 1, CEO Michael Franklin decided to purchase 50 complete sets of Course 2 of the LLR Corporate Program and wants to keep improving the culture and morale of the hospital.

“I am very excited by the positive feedback given about Course 1 and know that the decision to move forward with Course 2 will prove to be instrumental in keeping AGH an environment others will want to model.” Leslie Gebhart (Life Member)