As important as relationships are for every area of life-and they are very important-relationships can be the source of some of our greatest frustrations. Some people just seem determined to be as difficult as they possibly can, continually putting up road blocks to peace and progress at every turn.

Dealing with difficult people is an inevitable part of this life we live. So you might as well get used to it and start planning right now for how you can make those difficult encounters a little less difficult…and a lot more constructive. Whether others are deliberately trying to make things hard or they maybe just had a bad day and ended up spewing all of their emotions onto you, there are steps you can take to deescalate quickly rising tempers, properly evaluate the situation and the needs of the difficult person(s), and not only keep things from boiling over into a hot mess but possibly even come up with a unique, innovative solution that makes all people involved much happier.

Dealing with Difficult People from the LIFE Leadership Essentials Series teaches you the vital Five-Step Peace Process for turning difficult scenarios into positive and potentially fruitful endeavors while always keeping your interactions classy and professional, no matter how heated a situation might seem. And it provides insight into the seven main types of difficult people that you are likely to encounter so you can be prepared ahead of time for how to best handle them when they show up in yourlife.

Equip yourself to create healthy, productive relationships with people from all walks and attitudes. Get your copy of Dealing with Difficult People today . The conflict resolution skills you’ll gain from this book will bring much more ease and grace to both your personal and professional relationships.

You may just find that those so-called “difficult people” turn out to be some of your best partners and allies. And at the very least, you’ll be able to let go of a lot of frustration and breathe easier knowing you’ve done everything in your power to fully understand what makes them tick and come up with a creative win-win solution that benefits all parties. And all the while, you managed to avoid being difficult yourself and keep your focus on serving your own life purpose and making a positive, worthwhile contribution to all those you meet and to the world at large. Now that’s a win-win!