I read a great quote the other day, written by Chris Brady, who said,
“Great coaches are necessary to help you think through whether you should think what you think you should think.”

That quote helps my introduction of Mr Adam Hughes, who is not only a mentor and coach of mine, but a great friend.

Adam is an American Airlines Captain, with many years of experience as a business consultant, Interview preparation coach, and Adjunct Professor at a Major University. His list of accolades are incredible. More importantly, Adam is a servant Leader and a man of great character and integrity.

When I asked Adam if he would collaborate on a Leadership book with me, he gladly agreed. Stay tuned for the details!

In the mean time, I wanted to proudly promote a service that Adam has offered for years.  A service so critical to success, I cannot stress it’s importance.  A service that has served the aviation community for many years.

bg-1-332793Adam Hughes Consulting, specializes in aviation, business, military, law, education and law enforcement, offering consulting services to clients worldwide.

Adam has over 25 years of professional aviation experience which includes operational experience as a captain for a major airline, instructor for flight, ground and university curricula.

Additionally, Adam has experience in pilot recruitment, human resources, marketing and military service.

Adam has over 20 years of experience offering consulting, interview-preparation and flight simulator training services. Adam has assisted clients in preparations for personal interviews by focusing on improved communication and presentation skills.

As a result, a high percentage of Adam’s business is from repeat clients and referrals.

To complement Adam’s services, he holds advanced degrees in law, business, aviation, management and operations.

There are people in all of our lives that made a huge impact on us, either personally or professionally.  Whether it was a guidance counselor, parent, friend, business partner, sibling or public figure, we should be thankful for those inspiring individuals in our lives.

I can think of many role models and mentors that have helped not only myself, but hundreds, if not thousands of others.  These individuals should be praised and edified, even though they may prefer not to be.  Adam played a huge part in my success over the years and I appreciate him as a mentor, friend, and business partner.  I cannot emphasize enough that if you are in need of any guidance, coaching or mentoring during preparation for an interview, or other endeavor, Adam is the man to call.

You can visit Adam’s website  HERE and contact him there for more information.