5 Tips for Inspiring Others

plane_2171090bIn an age where it’s possible to revolutionize an industry with a great idea and the right resources, those who inspire others are often the most successful. People like Steve Jobs will be remembered not just as brilliant innovators, but as passionate individuals that inspired others to change the world. This week, we’re sharing 5 tips to spread the wealth and inspire those around you to be the best.

1. Be passionate about what you do. You cannot inspire those around you without first being completely committed to what you do. Stand by your idea, be its strongest proponent, and get others excited about it. Simply put, you need to love what you do before you can expect others to feel the same way. Discover what makes you so passionate and share it with others. Have reasons ready for doubters and naysayers to convince them that what you’re doing is truly something to be excited about.

2. Encourage great ideas. Famous innovators didn’t climb to the top on their own. Assemble a team of people you trust that have proven themselves to think outside the box. Make sure you have some risk takers in there, some of history’s most important innovations have started with “crazy” ideas. Hear everyone out and try new things; don’t be afraid to fail. Keep a constant pulse on what is going on in the world. Never stop learning, inspiration can come from the most unlikely places.

3. Eliminate time wasters. You need to be constantly probing to find out what activities are wasting your team’s time and energy. Inspiring others depends on sharing a goal and building momentum. If you hit a dead end, scrap it and move in a different direction. You should always be asking those on your team what they would change if they had the chance. Don’t continue doing something just because it’s the way it has “always been done.”

4. Don’t limit yourself. On the road to success, there will be many doubters and those who tell you it simply cannot be done. Don’t be constrained by existing conventions, nothing inspires more than pushing the limits and achieving the “impossible.”

5. Stand by your word. Be genuine, transparent, and honest. You cannot inspire others without trust. Be passionate about your employees and their ideas and trust them to try their hardest. If you make a mistake, admit it quickly and emphatically. Don’t be afraid to try new things and fail, but always keep your word.

These great tips were courtesy of Dale Carnegie.  Sometimes it only takes a few words of encouragement to make a difference in others lives.  I hope they did for you!