I am starting a new series of posts that focus on going “Back to Basics”. These basics are the foundation of leadership and serve to guide us through not only our  business endeavors but also our personal lives.  By learning and focusing on these timeless principles, the end results are truly amazing.

We can and should all strive to get better at the things that matter in life.  Who wouldn’t want to be a better Mom or Dad to your kids, become a better friend to your buddies,become a better spouse to your significant other, a better co-worker or employee at your job or become a successful business owner, all based on learning and applying these basic principles over time.  The results are truly worth the effort.

I thought Id start with a great video by Chris Brady, who talks about what leadership is. Enjoy and stay tuned for my “back to basics” posts.


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHRZxT8Vy0Y]