Here is a great article written by the TEAM.  I thought it was worthy of re-posting because it exemplifies one of the key principles of success in business and in LIFE. Positive thoughts and a great attitude only come from applying the ‘Slight Edge’ principle which states that the little things we do over time is what determines our success.  Along the journey, on a day by day basis, we are bombarded with negativity, whether it be at work or at home.  Although we don’t always control what happens to us, the only thing we can control is how we respond and react to the things we cannot control.

This quick article references self talk.  Not only do we get bombarded by external forces, we all have a tendency to talk to ourselves, which influences how we think, act and respond.  The key is to have the right thinking which leads to positive self talk, positive thinking, positive actions and positive results. Thank Goodness for the cd’s, books and association of the TEAM and LIFE to help us on our journey. Enjoy.  Ben

Leadership thoughts and principles

We all face our own bouts with doubt and fear. Sometimes, the negative side of our brains can really give us a run for our money. When this happens, it helps to be able to “re-script” our self-talk. That’s one of the reasons that affirmations are such powerful things. Self-talk sets the stage for the thoughts, words and deeds that will follow. For every “I can’t”, there’s an “I can” with the power to get things done… 

If you’ve been wrangling with the dangers of negativity in your own life, here are some positive thoughts and principles that can revolutionize the way you’re looking at leadership…. 

Everyone is called upon to lead in some capacity sooner or later in life. 

Each of us has a natural well-spring of talent and ability buried within. 

“In a broad sense, what leaders do is stage revolutions.” Noel Tichy 

All big fires start with a tiny spark. 

Leadership is the influence of others in a productive, vision-driven direction and is done through the example, conviction and character of the leader. 

Leaders can’t stand to leave things the way they found them. 

Anybody can grow in their leadership ability. 

People make extraordinary things happen by liberating the leader within. 

Leadership is both Art and Science. 

Hunger for change and improvement is one of the biggest facets of leadership.

“We don’t determine our purpose, we detect it.” Victor Frankl 

Leaders must live in the realm of the important, not in the realm of the urgent.

Leaders must have a vision for where they want to take themselves and their organization. 

It is not what happens to you, it’s how you handle it. 

Leaders must take personal responsibility for their results. 

When one person takes responsibility for leadership, there is a ripple effect that cannot be measured. 

Goals must be clear. A leader cannot passionately pursue a generality. 

True leadership requires the ability to focus. 

Leaders know they always have more to learn. 

Leaders must grow personally. It is a fact of life for leaders that they must get better.

“Internal victories precede external victories.” Stephen Covey 

“A true leader inspires other to lead themselves.” Ari D. Kaplan 

The best education comes from those who have results in life. 

You don’t know what you don’t know. 

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. 

Success is always located on the other side of inconvenience. 

The only way to BE happy is to GIVE happy. 

Our privileges are not for our pleasure, but rather for our purpose. 

Leadership requires thick skin. 

Success comes when opportunity and preparedness meet. 

If you’re too big to follow then you’re too small to lead. 

People will buy into the leader before they will buy into his or her vision. 

Courage is not action devoid of fear; it is action in spite of fear. 

If you want a great team, you’ve got to find and develop great people. 

Great leaders learn to find a defeat in every victory and a victory in every defeat. 

Problems are much easier to kill when they are small. 

There are no shortcuts when it comes to relationships. 

Problems are the price of progress.

To have a high quality of life, we must have a high quality of thought. 

“Change that ignores the heart will seldom transform the life.” Paul David Tripp 

“The only way for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke 

When the weight of the world starts to drag you down, don’t despair. Just get busy and start building up your self-talk! Even leaders have rough times and hard days. Without the right fuel to get you through it, it’s easy to slip from Champ thinking to Chump thinking… 

When doubt strikes, strike back!