World renowned economist, Harry S. Dent, talks about the current state of our economy and a term called “quantatative easing”, in this short video below. Mr. Dent has a great reputation for educating the public and making accurate predictions partly based on demographics, spending cycles and the mass retirements scheduled to occur over the next few years.

With the combination of upcoming retirements and massvie Government debt accumulation,  Dent believes that the current recession isn’t ending anytime soon. In fact, it’s just the beginning phase of a prolonged downturn that will be deeper and more severe than anything since we’ve experienced so far.

After reading Dent’s books and watching his videos, something occured to me;  Many people, including myself at first, didn’t believe in gloom and doom and that somehow, things always seem to work out.  But then I recalled that millions of people recently got caught ‘with their pants down’ and lost millions in the stock and housing market. I thought, if we knew then what we know now, things would have been different. Clearly, the right information helps to make the best decisions, especially in the information age.

This time, I believe accurate predictions are being made by the same individuals who predicted the previous crashes. For the first time in US History, we can see several bubbles getting bigger and bigger.  The question is, what do we do about it? Most economists like Robert Kiyosaki agree, there are some clearly defined choices everyone can make now to protect or shield us from the storm.  Everyone, no matter what job owns them, or what self employed jobs they own, or how financially secure they are, will be affected. 

Between Harry S Dent, Robert Kiyosaki and the top financial gurus and business leaders with TEAM, we have a great number of resources to choose from to help protect us from the upcoming storm.  Harry S Dent’s website is There is an abundance of information on his site, should you be interested in learning more. I can also recommend Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “Conspiracies of the rich, the 8 ways to make money”.  What a great book.

 I know what we are doing to protect us from the storm.  The idea is to be aware of the current state of affairs, what is coming and then make some informative decisions. I had to humble myself over the last few years, get my head out of the sand and not just hope for the best. I had to take my financial future into my own hands. In any downturn economy, there are ways to prosper.  Even a small understanding of our tax structure and how a business can save you thousands of dollars a year, can make a huge difference.  As more people get educated, change their thinking, and understand that we are in a new age, the information age, their lives will improve.  We see it everyday in business.  The video below should be an eye opener and will hopefully encourge you to ask the right questions about where we are headed and what to do about it.


How to prosper in a downturn economy.. The great depression ahead.