Quite often I post information and blog our thoughs on health and wellenss.  As the title of our blog is, ” health, wealth and wisdom”, it is always important to remember that all three of these categories work together and influence the other.  I was inspired to write this post because so many of our successful mentors and friends have been on a life long personal development journey,which has been one of the main keys to their success.

In 1936, Dale Carnegie made publishing history when he wrote his book, “How to win friends and Influence people”.  To this day, his teachings has helped millions of people across the globle in the areas of personal development, leadership, business and relationships.  I wanted to list a few of his basic points here as a refresher.  Whether you are in business, an employee or in a relationship, these are great pointers.
Avoid Arguments.

-You will get more in business with honey than vinegar so be friendly and gentle
-When you are wrong, admit it emphatically and move on
-When you begin a conversation with someone, even if it’s an opponent, focus on the things you can agree on.
-Let the other person talk more than you do.  Listen carefully.
-Try honestly to see things from other people’s perspective.
-Lead other people to the conclusion you want by making suggestions, but ultimately let a person feel the idea was his or hers.
-Believe people are inherently good and honest.
-When pointing out someone’s mistakes, talk about them indirectly.
-Let other people maintain their pride.
-Use questions to lead people instead of giving direct orders.
-Lavish praise anytime you see an improvement.
-See the best in people and then they will rise to your expectation.
-Be supportive and make mistakes seem easy to correct.

For more information, I suggest everyone read Carnegie’s book.  For those that have read it, I recommend you re-read it on a regular basis!  As one of my favorite leadership guru’s Chris Brady is fond of saying, “you dont know what you dont know and some of what you know just aint so” and “What you do know, you are forgetting”.  So, it’s important to be reminded of this basic pointers and truisms to help further your journey in the areas of health, finances and relationships.  God Bless.