(NewsCore) – An active social life may help patients fight cancer with a new study linking the stress of relationships to reductions in the size of cancerous growths, The (London) Daily Telegraph reported Friday.
Experiments found that moving cancer-stricken mice from private lodgings into more spacious shared accommodation led to an average reduction in the size of tumors of 77 percent.
After three weeks, five percent of mice in the experiments showed no evidence of cancer. Matthew During, of Ohio State University, told The (London) Daily Telegraph the findings suggest cancer treatments should focus on living a “richer life, socially and physically” rather than minimizing stress.
“This paper really suggests if we look at people more in terms of their perceptions of disease, their social interactions and environment, we could realize a profound influence on cancer,” he said. The findings differ to those of other recent studies that suggest high stress levels reduce the survival rate of cancer patients.
So what’s the point?  I believe that staying healthy both physically and mentally, leads to a long life of fun, passion and purpose.  Everything comes down to a decision on how we chose to live.  The decisions we make on a daily basis over time can make all the difference in the world. 
 What is interesting is how we make our decisions.  As habit forming creatures, even when the decisons we make aren’t necessarily the best ones for our health or relationships, we often chose the easy path that does not force us to change. 
One of the things that truly made a difference in my life was plugging into new information on a regular basis, either thru audio cds or reading books that stretched my thinking and imagination.  When we get new information, it changes the way we think, which often changes our attitude, opinions and actions.  All of this leads to positive results.  That is why i am a big advocate of listening to and reading material on personal development, history, economics, finanaces, relationships and leadership.  Over the last few years, this radical change in my thinking has made life so much better.
I know that a life full of purpose, having solid relationships and a desire to make a difference in other people’s lives, makes a huge difference in our health, both physically and emotionally.  What are you doing on a daily basis to flourish your relationships and accomplish your goals and dreams?   

Don’t leave this earth with regrets.  As a result of your passions and your pursuit of excellence, using your God given talents, you will live a healthy, happy life. We are only here on this planet for a short blip in time. In the end, you only have one body, one mind and one soul.  Do everything you can to protect all three!  God Bless, Ben